• School Info needed to fill out Applications

    (Most notably needed for the Common Application)


    Date of Entry: September 2016

    Boarding School: No

    Graduation Date: June 2020

    For students who may graduate early, take time or, or take a gap year you will need to briefly explain this. If that does not apply to you, check- "No interruption to report"

    Counselor Information: Fill in your assigned School Counselors Info (see below)

    Job Title: School Counselor

    Counseling Office Number: Phone: (973) 457-2533

    Joseph Barbato     Counselor  x2019
    Lisa Kool-Behr  Counselor  x2022 lkool-behr@chatham-nj.org
    Cristina Lanzilotta  Counselor x2065 clanzilotta@chatham-nj.org
    Mark Maka  Counselor  x2060 mmaka@chatham-nj.org
    Andrea Murphy  Counselor  x2020 amurphy@chatham-nj.org
    Sean Newcombe  Counselor  x2021 snewcombe@chatham-nj.org 
    Elizabeth Tully-Cano   Counselor  X2023 etully-cano@chatham-nj.org

    Other School:
    For Students who transferred into CHS from another high school indicate the school and dates you attended, prior to coming to HCRHS. 

    Colleges & Universities: This section is for coursework taken through a college or university. *AP courses do not count here*

    Graduating Class Size: 315 

    Class Rank Reporting: None

    GPA Scale: 4

    GPA Weighting: Weighted

    School Schedule & Transcript Reporting: Semester