• The Common Application

    All students, even those not using the Common App to apply to college(s), will need to create a Common Application account in order to sign the FERPA release form electronically. A paper copy release is also required as a backup.

    Chatham High School will submit all required documents supporting a student’s application for Common Application Colleges electronically.
    To ensure that your Common Application documents are processed in a timely manner, follow the guide below to access and complete the Common Application Registration Process. All students requesting will be REQUIRED to register at the Common Application website and to record their user name in Family Connection.
    1. Sometime after August 1, go to the Common Application website.
    2. On the site, click the “Go” button next to Create an Account.
    3. Add a college from the "College Search" tab, even if you may not apply to the college. A college must be added for the FERPA release form to appear.
    4. Once you have added a college, click the "Common App" tab.
    5. Fill out the Profile section completely.
    6. Next, click the Education section and be sure to input information under each of the sections as this tab will generate the FERPA release form.
    7. Once you have submitted each part of the Education section, click the "My Colleges" tab.
    8. Click the Recommenders and FERPA section - the FERPA release authorization is located at the top of this page for you to complete.
    9. Once you have submitted the FERPA and if you are not using the Common App to apply to schools, you are finished with this part of the process.
    10. If you are using the Common App to apply to schools, continue on to the remaining tabs to complete your Common Application.
    Parts of the Application
    • Transcript – Complete the Transcript Request Form (PAPER form)
    • The Application Form (Common Application or Individual School Form)
    • Honors/Awards/Extracurriculars