• What Colleges Consider
    Application: Colleges review the application to evaluate your academic and personal profile. It is imperative that you adhere to the specifications of each individual application.
    High School Transcript: The courses you select and the grades you receive are an important part of the college admission process.
    Standardized Tests: The SAT or ACT are required by most colleges. The emphasis a college places on these tests varies greatly. More and more schools are not requiring them for admission, to find out what schools are Test Optional, visit: FairTest
    SAT Subject Tests: A few colleges require or recommend specific Subject Tests. Some consider them as factors in the admission process, others use them to place students in the appropriate levels of work when enrolled. You should check with the schools you are interested in directly to find out if they require these.
    Recommendations: Recommendations from your high school counselor and teacher are taken seriously by most colleges. The colleges use these as evidence of your potential, character, and academic effort.
    Essay: Most colleges will also require an essay. They use the essay to learn about you and also to sample your ability to express your thoughts in writing.
    Out of Classroom Activities: Colleges seek students who demonstrate a commitment to activities outside the classroom. Community service, student government, athletics, after-school jobs, overseas study, unusual hobbies as well as participation in theater, music, art, dance or academic clubs are viewed positively.
    The Interview: If a college you are considering encourages interviews, it is recommended that you take advantage of the opportunity. 
    While this is a comprehensive list, what schools consider varies by each school and each year.
    Other factors outside of those listed above are also considered in the review process.
    Each student has a different experience and story to tell.
    If you have any concerns about your application or supporting materials it is
    recommended that you speak directly with the school to share your unique situation. 
     Anatomy of an Application