• 1st Marking Period Senior Conferences

    The focus of the senior conference is on post-secondary placement and may include discussion on 4 year, 2 year colleges and universities, career schools, employment and/or military options.  Procedural considerations for applying are explained.  


    Conferences are scheduled through the parent portal. Scheduling will be open in the portal from 9-6-2019 through 9-13-2019. Parents and students are encouraged to view the time slots in the portal together in order to ensure you select a day/time that does not conflict with an academic course (i.e. study hall or lunch periods are preferred).  Once you have selected a date and time please mark it in your calendar as our online system does not have the ability to send reminders.


     How to Schedule a Conference:

    1. Please login to the parent portal and click on the conferences tab
    2. Click on request a conference
    3. Select a date range to view available time slots.
    4. Select the day and time you prefer and click reserve.


    Prior to the senior conference we ask students to complete the following:


    1. Update your list of colleges under “Colleges I Am Applying To” in Naviance at least 3 days prior to your conference. This will provide your counselor enough time to review your list and offer feedback. 
    2. Student and parent sign the “Transcript Release Form”  and bring it to the meeting. 
    3. Review the agenda prior to the meeting. 

    We look forward to assisting your child through this process. If you are undecided on the schools you wish to apply to or would like assistance narrowing down your list I encourage you to reach out to Mrs. Kaitlin Sleight, College and Career Counselor,  to schedule an appointment. Mrs. Sleight is also available for follow up assistance with completing your applications. ksleight@chatham-nj.org