• Third Grade Recorders




    Learning to play recorders has been A LOT OF FUN!



    Check out MUSIC K-8 KIDS website for an interactive recorder fingering chart!
    When you select a note, it shows the fingering (remember, left hand on top!) and plays the pitch.



    Keep reading those notes on the treble staff!
    Remember Every Good Boy Does Fine and FACE!
    LINE rhymes with Fine and SPACE rhymes with FACE!



    Note Name Game
    A great game for practicing reading notes on the treble staff!

    Click on "Songbook" on the left,
    then click "Printable Songbook" on the right to access PDF files of fun songs!

    Piggy's Music Lessons on Music K-8 Kids
    High and Low game
    What's That Note? game  (Good for reading notes on the staff!)
    Copy Pig game
    Note Names game  (Good for rhythm and pitch!)


    Sign up for a free Quaver Music account!
    Email Mrs. Maldonado or Ms. Roskam before June 20 to sign up!

    If you click on the Student Interactives sign on the left of their website, you can read recorder songs and play note reading games like Staff Champion!  Have fun exploring!