• Beginning in the Spring of 2018, the NJ Department of Education has implemented the New Jersey Student Learning Assessment in Science.  This assessment is aligned to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Science and will be administered to all 11th grade students (regardless of the science course in which the student is enrolled).


    The district is required to administer this assessment to its 11th grade students. The testing dates for 2020-2021 are TBD. 


    All 11th grade students will be assigned a testing room where they will complete the science assessment on their chromebook.  The high school has adjusted its schedule for the two testing days as to not interrupt instruction for our 11th grade students.  We will be running on a delayed opening with the school day beginning at 10:00am.


    For more information on the test, please see the New Jersey Student Learning Assessment for Science web-site.  If you have additional questions regarding the assessment please contact Mrs. Kristen Crawford, Supervisor of Science K-12,  kcrawford@chatham-nj.org.