• Transition to College

    A reference guide for college bound seniors and their parents/guardians on the transition to college.

    Now that the college application frenzy is over, it is time to start thinking about preparing for college.  


    You will receive a lot of paperwork and e-mails from your intended college so be sure to check your snail mail and e-mail often.  Look out for the following paperwork and record the dates when you returned forms to the college:

    Enrollment Deposit:  May 1 is typically the deadline for students across the nation to send their commitment to the college or university that they will attend the following academic year.  Find out if you submit this deposit through postal mail or online.  

    New Student Orientation:  Be sure to send back all necessary registration forms - usually new student orientation happens in the Spring or Summer months.  Placement testing may also happen at this event so know before you go.  

    Advanced Placement Scores:  If you are planning to submit your AP scores to receive college credit, identify the procedure and timeline for submitting scores. 

    Tuition Bill:   Be sure to check your postal mail and e-mail, including the new college e-mail you may have been assigned, to find your tuition bill.  Pay attention to the due date.  

    Health & Medical: Do you need a physical?  Gather your health records, including immunization & vaccination records.  Make all necessary doctor appointments.  For athletes, check on specific healthcare requirements.  

    Housing/roommates:  Look for dormitory preference forms and a housing/roommate questionnaire.  Be sure to send in the housing deposit by the deadline, if not earlier.  Housing is often released in the order the deposits are returned, so do not delay! Later in the summer you will receive your room/roommate assignment and move-in day information.  

    Students with Disabilities:  If you want to receive special services at your intended college, contact the Special Services or Disability Services department to find out what documentation is required.  Some may request Results of psychological evaluation (WAIS or WISC) recent within 3 years, to include a diagnosis, subtest scores, narrative/history, recommendations for accommodations, Educational evaluation that provides current levels of achievement in math, reading and written expression and your most recent IEP/504 plan if available. 

    Hotel Reservations: If you haven’t already reserved a hotel room for move-in day, parents weekend, and yes, even graduation, start to look into it. Reservations can book up fast! 

    Miscellaneous Mail:  Once you deposit to the college, you will start to receive plenty of college-related advertisements. Often times student clubs, fraternities and sororities send recruitment materials.  Local vendors may send dorm room essential catalogs, care package catalogs, bank and credit card offers - some of these may not interest you at all.  Be sure to shred any banking/credit card information.