2020 AP Exams
    Updated Online AP Exam Schedule Link
    *As a result of the affects of the COVID-19 outbreak, please go to the following link for updates regarding the 2020 AP Exams*


    4/24/20: At this point the CollegeBoard is not allowing the processing of refunds until after June 5 (the last day of AP exams). They additionally have limited our ability to cancel exams with them, therefore you will still receive exam access and emails. As long as you do not access the exam(s) we can process your refund beginning on Monday June 8. If you have cancelled with us, and then decide to test you will not be ellgibile for a refund. 

    Given some confusion surrounding what the CB has released, please take note take note of the following points:

    • Students should only be requesting refunds if they no longer want to take their AP exam. The Collegeboard is still charging us the same price for the exam as if the exams were being taken in person. This is the case for those submitting portfolios as well. Again, that being said if you or your student intends to take their AP exam(s) you should not be requesting a refund. 
    • A Parent or Guardian will need to respond back to this email to confirm the cancellation. (We have had students cancelling exams without adult consent)
    • If you realize you requested a refund in error, please let me know and I will deny your refund request so that you are set to test in May through the new online process.



    4/1/20: Due to the recent changes in AP Testing policies for the 2020 test year (changes posted on this link) we have changed our refund policy for this year. In the past, any cancellations at this point would be subject to a $40 cancellation fee. Due to the current conditions they have waived this fee. Given this change from the Collegeboard, we are able to offer higher refund amounts than originally projected. Individual exam fees were based on the date in which exams were originally ordered. Any exams that were paid before November 10, 2019 cost $98 per exam. Any exams that were paid after November 11, 2019 (late registration window) were $141, due to college board late fees. The only non-refundable fee is the $6.00 payment transaction fee.

    -Regular Order Deadline Refund (paid on or before 11/10)- $92
    -Late Order Deadline Refund (paid on or after 11/11) $135

    This all would be PER Exam, so the total refund would change based on how many exams the student is cancelling.  


    How do I cancel?

    1. Log-in to the Total Registration site (the site you used to register) to cancel and process your refund TR Site
    2. Once you complete the process, Ms. Sleight will be notified and will process the refund
    3. You will receive a notification from the Total Registration site that the refund is processing

    *Please note- refunds are not automatic and may take a few days to process, especially considering the high volume of refunds TR is processing at this time









    AP 2020 Registration Process  

    1. Indicate your intent to or not to take an exam (for each course you are in!) on your Collegeboard Course(s) Dashboard: https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/

    2. Register, complete form and pay online via Total Registration:www.totalregistration.net/ap/310224




    Time Frame

    Regular Ordering

    Students must decide about taking AP Exams in the FALL & exams are now ordered in the fall.

    Begin: Monday September 30, 2019 

    End: Sunday November 3, 2019

    Late Ordering

     (after 11/3)

    Late Fee: charged an additional $40 late fee, per test

    End: Monday March 9, 2020


    No Show 

    If a student chooses to cancel an exam a cancellation fee is applied, resulting in approximately a $48 refund