• -2021 AP Exams-


    AP Exam Registration- ends 11/6

    *The below message is for those registered in an AP class and interested in taking the AP Exam in the Spring.*

    CHS AP Exam Registration will be Thursday, October 1- Friday, November 6.

    AP Exams for 2020-2021 are $99 per exam. AP Research and Seminar are subject to a different test fee of $143. 

    **The CollegeBoard allows students to edit exams up until March 12, 2021, but any exams ordered after Friday 11/6 are subject to a $40 late fee per exam (increasing the total per exam to $139). For this reason, we HIGHLY suggest that you order your exams before the priority deadline, Friday, November 6. **

    The 2020-2021 AP exams at this time are scheduled to take place in person Monday, May 3- Friday, May 14. As per the CollegeBoard this is subject to change depending on the ability for students to test in person. 

    Please see below for a visual explaining the ordering deadlines and associated charges:


    The default setting on MyAP for the 2020 registration period automatically defaults to all students as a “yes registered for exam” on your account.  Unlike last year, students are not able to change their status themselves. That being said please note the following updated directions for registering for an AP exam. 

    Yes, I want to take the Exam(s): 

    In order to have an exam ordered for you, you will need to complete the registration and payment online at our Total Registration site: https://user.totalregistration.net/AP/310224  


    No, I do not want to take the Exam(s):
    You do not need to take any action. Only those exams that have been registered for and paid for on our Total Registration site will be ordered. If you have not paid for the exam(s) your exam testing status will be updated internally to a no on or around 11/7. 


    In our initial messaging, a google doc was shared with instructions on how to change your testing status in MyAP. Given that this year's process has changed, please do not follow those instructions as that step is not required this year. 

    Again, apologies for the confusion. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Ms. Sleight- ksleight@chatham-nj.org


    AP Registration