• Medication 

    If it is necessary that a child receive medication in school, the following procedures are mandatory, in accordance with the New Jersey State Department of Education:
    • The parent and the child’s pediatrician must provide a written request for the administration of all over-the-counter and prescribed medications at school.  Over-the counter medications do require a physician’s order.
    • Written orders are to be provided to the school nurse from the private physician detailing the diagnosis or type of illness involved, the name of the drug, dosage, time of administration, and the side effects for all over-the-counter and prescribed medications. 
    • The medication is to be brought to the school in the original prescription labeled container.

    All medications are kept in the school Health Office in a locked cabinet and administered by the school nurse.  Children’s acetaminophen or Ibuprofen are available in the Health Office; however, written permission from the parent/guardian and physician are required before being administered.


    Cough Drops: Cough drops or lozenges are strongly discouraged for young students due to the risk of choking.  For minor throat irritations, Chloroseptic spray is available from the nurse in the Health Office.


    Class Trips/Medication:  According to the New Jersey Department of Education and the School District of the Chathams, teachers can NOT administer medication while a student is on a class trip.  Since the school nurse is unable to go on every class trip, it will be necessary to make other arrangements.  Please contact the school nurse when a field trip is planned to discuss options.  Of course, we always invite you to accompany your child.