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    K-12 Resources


    Departmental Overview


    Typing Resources 


    Engineering Design Process (K-8)




    Engineering Design Process (9-12)

    EDP HS



    Elementary Resources


    Accessing EduTyping (Grades 1-3)

    Go to: https://clever.com/in/chatham or click on the “Shortcuts” menu on your school’s homepage and click on “EduTyping.”



    Click on “Log in with LDAP.”

    ldap login


    Enter your Windows/Google username and password (you do not need to type @chatham-nj.org) and click “Log In To Clever.”

    • Student usernames are their first name and last name (example: johnsmith).
    • Student usernames and passwords are located in Genesis/Parent Portal.

    ldap 2


    On the Clever dashboard, click on the EduTyping button.



    Click here to download the directions. 


    Middle School & High School Resources


    High School Department Overview


    AutoDesk Suite

    Download the AutoDesk Suite here.  It is free for students.



    CMS Cycle Videos




    CHS Cycle Videos

    This is a playlist. There are 14 videos in total that will play.