• Welcome to 8th Grade Digital Game Design!



    In this cycles course we will be exploring computer programming and learning programming principles through the use of Scratch Programming. In this course students will be applying principles of coding to create various video games which will be designed using the 5-Step Design Process. 




    The MIT Scratch 3 programming software is available free to use online below.

    MIT Scratch Website


    Materials You Will Need:

    • A notebook or loose leaf paper
    • Pens / Pencils
    • Markers or Crayons
    • Tape or Glue
    • Scissors

    These items should be brought to class everyday unless otherwise specified.



    Parents / Guardians:

    • Students will need their student computer log-ins in order to be able to use the computers.

    • Please provide your child with their log in information which can be found online in the Genesis Parent Portal.

    • Please note that students will be required to turn in a permission slip allowing students to create an account or use Scratch online in the classroom. The Permission slip can be found in the Course Overview link below.

    • The course syllabus can be found here: Course Overview