• Grand Design Challenge

    Mr. Hitchings 

     The 14 Grand Design Challenges for Engineering in the 21st Century

    Grand Design Challenge is an 8th grade cycle course that focuses on solving real world problems, identifying criteria and constraints for designs, and determining the needs of a client/group in order to create a successful design. In this course, we will be expanding on your knowledge of the Engineering Design process, and exploring how to apply the process in an ethical manner. Throughout the course you will be working individually or with a partner/group to complete design challenges. In order to complete these designs you will have the opportunity to learn the safe and proper use of tools and machines.

    In Grand Design Challenge, students will be working collaboratively with their peers to create solutions to real-world problems. They will be able to choose the real world problem that they are trying to solve, as well as the way that they would like to solve it. They can choose to create a prototype of a possible solution, create a research presentation, or any other way that is interesting to them personally.

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    Your safety is my number one priority in the classroom. Each of you will be asked to read and sign a general safety contract at the beginning of the marking period. You will be provided with two (2) copies of this contract, one for you and you parents/guardians to keep and one that will be signed and returned to me. In addition, for many of the tools that we will use you will need to complete a safety assessment before use.
    Materials you will need:
    • Your chromebook (charged and ready to use)
    • 2-pocket folder
    • A pencil
    • Scissors and a ruler
    • Crayons, colored pencils, or markers
    • Glue (a glue stick or liquid glue)
    • Closed toe shoes



    Your grade will be divided into two categories Projects/Assignments and Class Participation/Preparedness

    Projects and Assignments 70% of grade

    Each project or assignment will be set as a certain number of points. For example, the Circuits Project may be out of 100 points and the Final Project may be out of 200 points. Your grade for each project will be found by dividing the number of points earned by the total number of points available. Your category grade will be determined by dividing the total number of points earned by the total number of points available. 

    A rubric will be provided for each project explaining the number of points available and what must be done to satisfactorily complete the project.

    Participation and Preparedness 30% of grade

    This grade will be determined based on your class participation, behavior, and your preparation for class. Each week you will be graded out of 10 points for the week. Being late to class, being unprepared, or not participating fully with your group will cause you to lose points from this grade.