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    Welcome to Sports Journalism!  Below, you will find some basic information about this course.


    Essential Questions:
    By the end of this cycle, we will have answers to the following questions:
    • Why do sports play a significant role in our culture?

    • What written and verbal techniques are essential to be an effective sports journalist?

    • How has sports journalism changed over time?

    • How does sports reporting differ when using audio, visual and written forms?

    • Does sports reporting differ when covering different types of sports?


    • Classwork/Participation

    • Projects

    • Writing Pieces


    Homework: This class is designed so that our study and investigation of sports journalism will occur during our class time. Most work will be completed within the time of a class period each day. Students may decide to work on projects from home, if we feel more time is needed.

     In this class, we will...
    • explore the role that sports plays in our culture

    • read and listen to professional sports journalists

    • study how they tell the stories of the games and the athletes

    • explore how journalists give play-by-play and color commentary in newspaper articles, on the radio, and on television

    • examine how journalists research and compose feature articles that highlight a particular athlete, a coach, or an issue

    • apply what has been learned and write or deliver original reports on local or national games or sporting events.

      Take a look at some highlights from our class:Click here for a look at Sports Journalism Highlights

      Play by Play

      Sports Journalism At Its Best--OUR CLASS PADLET       https://padlet.com/ecohenmichel/u0kghlitfl6k

      and this:    https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B95NyTAixTSgQTh0c2xyVmlRSVk