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    Welcome to Media Production! Below you will find some basic information about this course.

    “Media Production” is a ten week cycle for 8th grade students. Throughout the marking period, we will learn to critically read and carefully evaluate the news media. Students in the “Media Production” course will explore, evaluate, and generate news stories in various forms. This course examines hard news, feature writing, opinion pieces and editorial essays as well as podcasts and television news.  After studying journalistic writing traits, students will practice writing articles or scripting audio or video reports for a variety of audiences and purposes. Students will exercise methods for researching and interviewing and apply these skills to final published pieces or presentations. Students will understand how to select a topic, research the topic, and write and publish a feature or opinion/editorial piece. Finally, students will follow the stylistic guidelines of each type of writing and apply the information and skills they have learned throughout the unit to their news reporting.


    Essential Questions: By the end of this cycle, we will have answers to the following:  

    • How do writers effectively and purposefully convey ideas to a target audience?

    • In what ways can writers use different media platforms to shape purpose and argument?

    • How do different media platforms function? How do the specific aspects of a given media platform help shape the way an audience can access and understand information?


    • Classwork/Participation

    • Projects


    This class is designed so that our study and practice of media production will occur during our class time. Most work will be completed within the time of a class period each day. Students may decide to work on projects from home, if we feel more time is needed.
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