Grade 8 - Contemporary Short Stories Writers' Workshop 




    Mrs. Ruta
    Email Address: kruta@chatham-nj.org

    Welcome to the 8th Grade English Cycle class! I designed this outline of basic procedures so that we all know what to expect from each other during this cycle period. I hope this helps you, but remember to ASK if there is something that is not clear. I am here to help you and I am looking forward to a fun, creative, thought provoking, informative, and rewarding time together. 



    Course Description: “Contemporary Short Stories” is designed as a writing workshop using mentor texts to spur writing and ideas.


    We will read, discuss and evaluate short stories of different genres, exploring and contemplating the elements of the stories, the authors’ styles and the themes they convey.


    As the cycle progresses, students will use the professional writings as mentor texts to compose, edit, revise and compile a portfolio of original creative works. Focus will be on descriptive writing, dialogue, conflict, setting, theme, point of view, voice and characterization. As students practice these focus areas through a writer’s workshop approach, they will be working to compose original short stories.






    Writing Portfolio / Journal



    Homework: This class is designed as a writing workshop. All of the writing pieces will be worked on in class. As long as each student works well in class, there should be no written homework. From time to time there may be small reading tasks assigned to help the discussion in class.

    Any extended absences will mean that students have to make up class work at home.