Science-Fiction & Fantasy Writer's Workshop 

    7th Grade ELA Cycle 

     Mrs. Ruta 


    From The Hunger Games, & Divergent to Harry Potter & Eragon, the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre has a huge following here at CMS. Fans of this genre will have the opportunity to read short stories and exerpts that explore the pillars of sci-fi/fantasy writing. This cycle elective is focused on reading Science-Fiction & Fantasy short stories as mentor texts for discussion, analysis, and as examples to help develop our own original stories. Like all cycle courses, the work we do in class is meant to deepen and strengthen skills in the classroom, as there is no homework or need to study. Instead, using the writer's workshop method, students will be given time in class to write, edit, conference and revise with my guidance!
    I'm looking forward to a great cycle with you! Feel free to email me if you have any questions!
    Here is a list from Goodreads of top Science-Fiction Fantasy Books