• Application Options
    Most schools offer different ways to apply to their institution, while some exclusively use one type. It is important throughout your research to find out which applications you can use. 
    Introduced in 1975, the first app of it's kind that allows students to fill out info and send this one application to any college that is a Common App member. Currently, there are over 700 member colleges.

    Currently, more than 140 member colleges using Coalition. This is the only application that requires member institutions to meet a set of standards. All member institutions must have a graduation rate of 70 percent or more in six years, and they must offer need-based financial aid.

    The goal of this application is to let students work in a platform that helps them organize a portfolio early in high school. Students can begin preparing for their applications at any grade in high school and store all components of the application online in a virtual “locker.” 

    A newer application, that is similar to the Common Application with a few additional/new benefits. Given it's new to market there are significantly less member institutions, but notable ones such as Cornell, and Princeton. 

    • School Specific Application

    Some colleges, especially private ones, offer a separate application specific to their institution. Sometimes this is the only option, other times they offer multiple application options. A good example of a school that exclusively uses their own application is Rutgers

    • State System Application

    Some state college systems share a general application that students can submit to all the colleges within the state system. The State University of New York (SUNY) and the University of California are examples of this type of application. Students can apply to multiple schools within the colleges’ system using one application.