Academic Questions
    • What do you expect to achieve in college?
    • What type of work do you expect to engage in after you graduate?
    • How important is it to have a conversation and get personal attention from your professors?
    • Do you prefer a highly structured environment or curriculum that allows for more independent projects?
    • Do you know what you want to major in? Do you think your major may change?
    • What specific programs or experiences interest you?
    • What level of academic challenge is right for you?
    Demographic Questions
    • What Geographical location is right for you?
    • Do you prefer a rural, small town, suburban or urban setting?
    • Do you prefer a large, medium or small population of students? 
    • Do you prefer a school where a majority of students reside on campus and do not travel home on the weekend?
    • What student activities are you interested in?
    • What type of social environment do you prefer?
    • What type of housing do you require?
    • Are there certain medical and other support services that you will need? 
    Financial Questions
    • How much can you comfortably afford to spend? 
    • Will you need financial aid? 
    • Do I qualify for scholarships?