The College Search
    The most important factor when looking at schools is considering if they are the right "fit". In order to determine a proper fit, it is helpful to ask yourself questions about the school, the major/career you are interested and much more. Consider the fact that you are not only going to be there to take classes, for most students it will become their home for 10 months of the year!
    When you begin to select schools, it is important to build a healthy list that includes a range of likely, target, and reach schools. Naviance will assist you in determining which schools fit in each category for you. Below are definitions of each category.  
    What is a likely school?
    These are schools where your chances are highly likely or certain for admission. Your standardized test scores are on the high end of what they accept, and you generally meet or exceed their requirements. Sometimes referred to as "safety" schools.
     What is a target school?
    A school where you meet most of the application criteria. You fall within the acceptable range of standardized test scores, GPA, extracurricular activities and other requirements.
    What is a reach school?
    A school where you apply knowing that you are on the low end or do not meet some requirements. This may be worthwhile if you have other attributes, experiences or qualities that will allow you to stand out.