Junior Conference Packet

    • PSAT results sent home in mid-December. Look for an email from The College Board with login information to view your results online. Sign up for your personalized SAT review program on Khanacademy.org. 
    • Register for the March / April SAT or ACT 
    • Start to think about what you are looking for in a college; size, location, majors, SPA and SAT range, sports, clubs, etc.
    • Use various resources including Naviance Family Connection,  College Books and Internet search engines to being to make a preliminary list of colleges. 
    • Schedule your junior conference with your counselor to discuss your preliminary list of colleges. 
    • After the conference, revisit your list and consider whether you are looking at colleges you are likely to be admitted based on grades and test scores. 
    • Prepare for the Spring SAT or ACT (www.khanacademy.org)
    • Begin your Brag Sheet survey in the "about me' section in Naviance Student
    • Keep your school counselor apprised of your college planning and a preliminary list of colleges.
    • Contact colleges to request admission literature and financial aid information.
    • Take the March/April SAT Reasoning Test or ACT.
    •  Register for the May or June SAT/ACT or SAT Subject Tests, as needed. Check the College Board calendar to determine when the subject tests are offered
    • Continue evaluating your list of colleges and universities and eliminate and add colleges as appropriate
    • Look into summer jobs or apply for special summer academic or enrichment programs
    • Continue visiting colleges; inquire about campus tours and open houses
    • Begin having conversations with your preferred teachers about securing a letter of recommendation for college next year.
    • Complete and submit your Brag Sheet survey in Naviance Student
    • Download the Senior Parent Questionnaire and give it to your parent/guardian to complete
    • Complete Testing: AP Exams, SAT, ACT and/or SAT Subject Tests
    • Confirm with your counselor you have turned in all required materials before the end of the school year
    • Begin to pare down your list of college choices
    •  Complete NCAA Eligibility Center required forms if hoping to play Division I or II sports and request that your transcript be sent for initial review
    • Visit colleges and realize that many four-year students will not be on campus at this time
    • Review application materials, note deadlines, list requirements and become familiar with essay questions
    • Continue to have discussions with family related to the college process and cost of attendance
    • Start writing your college essay or refine the essay you started in 11th grade
    • Identify application supplement requirements such as art portfolios or audition tapes