Design & Technology Department


    - School District of the Chathams -



  • Supervisor:
    Danielle Romero Dagounis
    973.457.2506 ext. 3037



    The essential intent of the School District of the Chathams is to

    discover and grow the gifts within each child. The Design &

    Technology Department accomplishes this intent by empowering

    students to think critically and creatively to develop innovative

    solutions to problems present in our modern world.

  • Overview

    The Design & Technology Department strives to provide our students with the 21st century skills necessary to be productive and successful members of society. Students engage in authentic problem solving, collaboration, innovation, and critical thinking, while developing creativity and perseverance. Students gain proficiency in the application of relevant mathematics, science, technology, and engineering concepts while engaging in the development of solutions to authentic problems and hands-on, project-based learning, utilizing the Engineering Design Process.

    The courses in the Design & Technology Department district-wide are designed to prepare students for life in an increasingly technological society. The courses challenge students to create and innovate designs to complex, real-world problems, and to confront the ethical issues that arise from technology's use. Technology is the human quest for solutions to the problems that confront our global society, and the Design and Technology courses are designed to prepare students to think critically and creatively to ensure they are equipped to produce innovative designs in an increasingly technological world.

    The hands-on projects and activities allow students to engage in higher order thinking skills through application and synthesis of knowledge by brainstorming, inventing, innovating, imagining, designing, prototyping, modeling, and redesigning. Learning these skills in a contextual manner allow our students to see and value the relevance of the skills and knowledge by making cross-curricular connections and working together collaboratively to build and share knowledge.