Lafayette Avenue School Social Studies

    4th Grade
    Students start fourth grade an introduction to the four elements of Social Studies (economics, geography, political science, and history). They then engage in experiential learning activities to explore the people, culture, geography and economics of different regions of the United States. Students also look into significant American experiences like immigration.

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    5th Grade

    The Social Studies curriculum in the fifth grade is designed to provide students with an understanding of the basic narrative of US History from colonization through the Civil War.  Through active learning experiences that engage student interest through developmentally-appropriate and meaningful lessons, fifth grade social studies promotes students’ social/emotional and cognitive growth.  Students consider various interpretations of key events and/or issues in US history while exploring different experiences, beliefs and motivations of different groups of people.  Students also explore the roots of American culture and manner in which it was built from different traditions and practices to create basic ideals of democracy.


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