Performing Arts Faculty

     Music Faculty
    Mrs. Laurie DeBiasse (
    4/5 Band, Lafayette
    SDOC MUJC Music Festival liaison 
    Ms. Christie Spriggs (
    6-8 Bands, CMS
    CMS Jazz Band Director
    Mr. Brian Conti (
    9-12 Band & 4/5 lesson coach, CHS & Lafayette
    CHS Marching Band Director 
    CHS Jazz Band Director 
    CHS Musical Pit Conductor
    Mr. Dennis Argul (
                                     4/5 Band Lessons, Lafayette                                 
    Mrs. Veronica Maldonado (
    1-3 General Music, MAS & WAS
    MAS Chimes 
    MAS Chorus
    WAS Chimes
    WAS Chorus 
    Ms. Tracy Roskam (
    1-3 General Music, SBS & WAS
    SBS Chimes 
    SBS Chorus 
    Ms. Dana Goodstein (
    4/5 Choral & General Music, Lafayette
    Ms. Amber Blakovich (
    6-8 Chorus, Music Technology 6, CMS
    CMS Glee Club Director 
    Mr. Kenneth Bryson (
    9-12 Choral & Piano, Music Technology 6, CHS & CMS
    CHS Musical Vocal Director
    CMS Musical Vocal Director/Pit Conductor
    Ms. Suzanne Bass (
    6-8 Orchestras, CMS
    CMS Pops Orchestra Director
    Mr. Liam Keller (
    4/5 & 9-12 Orchestra, Piano, and Music Theory, CHS & Lafayette
    Theatre Faculty 
    Mrs. Gina Priano-Keyser (
    Theater/Stagecraft Cycle electives CMS/Lafayette
    CMS Auditorium Co-Coordinator 
    CMS All-School Production Lighting Designer
    Mrs. Laura Russo (
    Theater/ELA electives, CHS
    CHS Fall Play Director
    CHS Musical Director 
    Auditorium Staff and Production Support
    Mr. John Latona (
    CHS Auditorium Coordinator and Production Technical Direction
    CHS Stage Crew Coordinator 
    Mrs. Gina Priano-Keyser (
    Theater/Stagecraft Cycle classes, CMS
    CMS Auditorium Co-Coordinator 
    Mr. Sidney Leon (
    CMS Auditorium Co-Coordinator