Performing Arts Faculty

     Music Faculty
    Ms. Emily Gaul (email TBD)
    4/5 Band, Lafayette
    SDOC MUJC Music Festival liaison 
    Ms. Christie Spriggs (
    6-8 Bands, CMS
    CMS Jazz Band Director
    Mr. Brian Conti (
    9-12 Band & 4/5 lesson coach, CHS & Lafayette
    CHS Marching Band Director 
    CHS Jazz Band Director 
    CHS Musical Pit Conductor
    Mr. Dennis Argul (
                                     4/5 Band Lessons, Lafayette                                 
    Mrs. Veronica Maldonado (
    1-3 General Music, MAS & WAS
    MAS Chimes 
    MAS Chorus
    WAS Chimes
    WAS Chorus 
    Ms. Tracy Roskam (
    1-3 General Music, SBS & WAS
    SBS Chimes 
    SBS Chorus 
    Ms. Dana Goodstein (
    4/5 Choral & General Music, Lafayette
    Ms. Amber Blakovich (
    6-8 Chorus, Music Technology 6, CMS
    CMS Glee Club Director 
    Mr. Kenneth Bryson (
    9-12 Choral & Piano, Music Technology 6, CHS & CMS
    CHS Musical Vocal Director
    CMS Musical Vocal Director/Pit Conductor
    Ms. Suzanne Bass (
    6-8 Orchestras, CMS
    CMS Pops Orchestra Director
    Mr. Liam Keller (
    4/5 & 9-12 Orchestra, Piano, and Music Theory, CHS & Lafayette
    Theatre Faculty 
    Mrs. Gina Priano-Keyser (
    Theater/Stagecraft Cycle electives CMS/Lafayette
    CMS Auditorium Co-Coordinator 
    CMS All-School Production Lighting Designer
    Mrs. Laura Russo (
    Theater/ELA electives, CHS
    CHS Fall Play Director
    CHS Musical Director 
    Auditorium Staff and Production Support
    Mr. Nicholas Von Hagel (email TBD)
    CHS Auditorium Coordinator and Production Technical Direction
    CHS Stage Crew Coordinator 
    Mrs. Gina Priano-Keyser (
    Theater/Stagecraft Cycle classes, CMS
    CMS AuditoriumCoordinator