American Scholastic Mathematics Association

The ASTHMA site.

Ask Dr. Math - The Math Forum

Ask Dr. Math is a site maintained at Drexel university that offers help with math problems and questions. The site is easily searchable and the FAQs are particularly interesting. It also includes links to other math sites.

Contest Results - Math League

See how the CHS team compares with other schools.

George W. Hart

George Hart has built a fascinating resource of polyhedra. He is a sculptor and professor at SUNY. His site links to hundreds of Web pages relating to the geometry and beauty of polyhedra.

Math Resources - High School Ace

This site offers a variety of links to other sites focusing on high school mathematics.

Mathematics -

This site contains a variety of tutorials ranging from algebra to calculus and statistics. There are links to careers in mathematics and the history of mathematics. This is a commercial site and has some pop-ups.

National Curve Bank

The National Curve Bank collects and maintains a data bank of Web links and animated or interactive Web resources on the geometric, algebraic, and historical aspects of curves

Nature of Mathematics

The Integrated Math/Science book provides a Web site to support the textbook.

Whatcom Online Math Center

The Whatcom Community College Online Math Center offers mathematics help sites for students, and teachers" resources. It includes an extensive list of links to other math sites.

The numbers next to each site are the rating, 1 to 5, given by the calculus students. A 4.4/10 means that an average rating of 4.4 was given by 10 students.

Calc101 (3.6/10)

Derivative and integration calculator (free solution but must pay for steps).

Calculus and Analysis (5)

Extra help site with good explanations.

Calculus on the Web (4/8)

Explanations and practice problems.

The Calculus Page Problems List (3.7/3)

Good for extra practice and good detailed problem solutions. (4.3/9)

Tutorials, links and problem of the week. Must have Flash 6 Player installed.

Common Errors in College Math (3)

Common errors and how to avoid them.

Distance Calculus (4/5)

Links to calculus problems with solutions.

Exambot (3.5/2)

Good problems to solve, then detailed solutions. Good practice exams.

Finite Mathematics & Applied Calculus Resource Page (4.3/3)

Practice problems for a variety of topics.

Graphs for the Calculus Classroom (3)

Explanations using graphics.

Harvey Mudd College Mathematics Online Tutorial (3.9/7)

Definitions, examples and quizzes on a variety of topics. Good explanations from Harvey Mudd College.

Karl's Calculus Tutor (3/8)

On-line textbook with tutorials. Good explanations.

S.O.S. Mathematics Calculus (4.4/11)

Textbook-like instructions on specific calculus problems.

Standard Deviants (4)

Calculus help site with quizzes, study cards and puzzles.

Taylor Series by efunda (3)

Good site for Taylor series.

Visual Calculus (4.9/9)

Interactive with step-by-step solutions. TI-85