Parental support is essential in reinforcing and developing responsible work habits at school and at home
HandwritingMonday and Tuesday-September to November
MathWednesday and Thursday – October to June 
SpellingWeekly lists beginning in November
Reading Monday through Thursday 
        “Just Right” books – 20 minutes / night 
Language Arts: There is “no cap” on reading, highly individualized, read aloud, shared reading, guided reading, individual reading, and independent reading instruction
           -Word Work includes phonics, spelling  mechanics, dictation
- Good Habits, Great Readers
- Words their Way
- Balanced Literacy approach
 - Writing Workshop includes: language experience, shared writing, interactive writing, guided writing, and independent writing
            - Zaner-Bloser Handwriting
Math: EnvisionMath, “hands-on” through the use of manipulatives and games
         -patterns and functions and how numbers relate
         -data analysis (graphing)
         -numerical operations
         -sorting and classifying,
         -problem solving
         -language (vocabulary development, explanation of thinking   
             through speaking and writing)
         -calendar: date, time, temperature, graphing, money  
             observations, recording information
Social Studies:
- communities
- traditions and customs
- history
- geography
- maps
- biographies
- cultures
Students learn science best by doing science.
Using inquiry based learning we will study…
How to make observations and predictions
Balance and Motion
Pebbles, Sand and Silt 
Sunshine and Shadows