Each week your child will have 12 spelling words and homework will be done in their spelling journal.  The spelling words for the week are also written in their agendas.  Spelling words follow our program, Words Their Way.  Spelling tests will be taken in a spelling booklet each Friday and the booklet will come home for you to sign.  Please sign the test and send the booklet back to school with your child on Monday.
Homework Schedule
Monday:       Write sentences for words #1 - #6
Tuesday:      Write sentences for words #7 - #12
Wednesday:  ABC Order or Grammar/Reading Comprehension
Thursday:     Study Words
Phonics may also be included during the week as needed.
Students in second grade should read for a minimum of 15 minutes each night.  Students will write the number of minutes read in their reading log each night.  The reading log is located in your child's agenda.