Website Cafe
Feel free to explore these sites to enhance your skills through activities and educational games!  These sites allow you to bring the classroom to your very own home.
 Helpful Resources:
Grammar Practice:
Use this site to practice ANY grammar skill of your choice.  It lets you choose the types of questions based on your interests!
   1-  Click on Student
   2-  Type in the code:  e8x9w33h
   3-  Input your information and hit "Sign Up"
Use this site to review grammar
Online Dictionary:
Simply type in your words to find the definitions
Online Thesaurus:
Simply type in your words to find the synonyms and antonyms
Clip Art:
Thousands of free clip art images you can use!User name is sdoc and password is cougar 
 Websites based on our class lessons:
Elements of a Short Story Practice 
Listen to the story "Cinderella" to find the Elements of a Short Story.  HINT:  There are more elements than just the ones we described in class.  This website will walk you through the extra elements as a CHALLENGE.
Making Inferences!- Use the websites below to practice making inferences
Interactive Game- Can you infer what is being described using the clues given?
Conflict in Literacy
Watch this short video made my kids themselves about conflict in literacy!
Sign Post Videos:
Words of the Wiser: 
Again & Again:
Memory Moment:
Contrast and Contradictions:
Aha Moment:
Tough Questions: 
Keep up to date on the world news
Catchy Tunes
Learn the five elements of a short story with this rap!
See Transitional Words/Phrases in action!
The Conjuction and Compound sentence song!
Do you know the Multiple Intelligences?
Mystery Practice
Try to find the elements of a mystery in each case before you solve!
Use this site to view videos/readings of numerous different myths
Use this site to complete different mythology activities
Reading Comprehension Practice:
Click on a story and answer the comprehension questions.  You can also print them out!
Click on a story and print them out to try on paper. 
 Subject-Verb Agreement
Practice using the correct subject-verb agreement with these interactive games
Practice prepositions with these interactive games
U.S. Population:
Check out our population clock- it changes every minute!  
Websites for class projects:
Use this site to generate your own newspaper article.  It comes out looking like an actual article!
KEEP IN MIND:  It does NOT save.  Therefore, I would type it in a google doc. to have it saved and then paste it into the website.  
This will work right with your google drive account.
Multiple Intelligence Websites for research
 Language Arts Activities:
Word Challenges- Use these websites to challenge your brain!
WORD SCRAMBLE: Try making as many words as you can using only the letters given. 
LETTER BLOCKS: Find as many words as you can on the board. (Key Point- The letters must be touching)
SPICY SYNONYMS:  Find the synonym that does not  match the original word. 
For each answer you get right, 10 grains of rice are donated to help end hunger!  
Username:  Miss Nacer's English Class
Password:  Nacer213
Can you name that sports logo?
Can you name the college sports logo?
Can you name that sports logo with only an image that is zoomed in?